WaterBoom, Bali

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Located in the heart of Kuta, in front of Discovery Mall. The Waterboom Park offers plenty of activities for the family including more than a kilometer of top quality water slides winding through landscaped tropical gardens or a leisurely voyage down the Lazy River.
The tickets

Raft River
In this classic thriller, steer through back-to-back curves and dizzy 360 degree turn in atube raft.Go on this adventure alone or with a partner.

Boogie Ride
Get set for head to head racing on mats.Multiple lanes allow side by side, head first competition at top speeds.Fun for familly races or just to beat the clock ! Ready, Set , Go !

Jungle Ride
Two water chutes drop dramatically through the lush jungle, twisting and turning along the way.Speed up for a final rush into the finish pool, Splish, Splash, Ahhh !

Experience the pull of gravity. Increased acceleration as you drop from the sky. Feel the world drop from under you as you combine the thrill of a 60 degree angle plunge and a top speed of 70 km / hour.

Macaroni Tube
Imagine a 17 m free – fall followed by a 360 degree downward spiral. It`s an unimaginable thrill Scream alone or bring a friend along for the ride.

Race Track
Drop down 16 m at lightning speed ! Experience the weightless sensation and breathtaking fun at Waterbom`s fastest ride.

Lazy River
Wind your way through tropical gardens while reclining in a tube raft, alone or together. Feel completely relaxed while floating around the gentle rapids and cascading waterfalls. Stress free !

Pleasure Pool
Cool down after having fun in the sun. It`s the ultimate place for a game of pool Volleyball. Need a drink ? just swim up to the bar. What a pleasure !

Pump House Retail and Cafe
The Pump House has an exlusive range of Waterbom logo goodies and everything else for the wet-set from swim and beach wear to souvenirs and sunscreen.Pump House Cafe satisfies the sweet tooth with pastries, cakes and fresh-baked bread. Perfect for an energy snack on the run.

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Bali is Still Worth a Visit

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Very often many thing become reality inspired by a dream. For example if one wants to have a very memorable holiday he will choose a place which have everything to fulfill his needs or his requests sometimes begin with a sweet dream. If a dream tells about beautiful island lies under the equator and have a nice weather all year round, an oasis of undying culture and quiet beauty, if so, Bali has it all.

Bali is a beautiful island situated within Indonesian Archipelago and one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. In 1930th some of the foreign writers and artists arrived in Bali and stayed on, thoroughly seduced and inspired by the island’s breathtaking physical beauty and cultural complexity. They were also deeply impressed by the warmth and the hospitality of the Balinese, and the amazing breadth of artistic expression that pervaded daily life.

Since 1970th Bali performed his high quality in tourism industry, and attracted many bona fide tour operators and airlines companies to bring their clients to enjoy this enchanting island. The island boast a Bali International Airport, luxuries 5 star Bali hotels, best built Bali villas, luxury and typical secluded resorts ad even hundreds of budget hotels.

The development in tourism industry continues in progress for years, and the visitors of Bali can learn and explore more its unique places of interest, various typical local cultures, enjoy the hospitality of the people, as well as other tourist attractions such as diving, snorkeling, para-gliding, cruising, rafting and even sports. Besides, Bali Island is also an ideal place for having MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) and honeymoon. Tourism actually has been becoming a massive industry and the main source of Bali’s income.

In October 2002 and again in October 2005 Bali was frightened by a violence terrorist’s attack, the boom blast that devastated the island of Bali and the international community. More than 200 lives were lost and hundreds more were injured. It need months for recoveries and the Balinese people is still working hard to rebuild the image of the island and we look forward to a brighter and promising future for the Balinese and our tourism industry.

The Balinese have their own way to respond the terrorist attack not by physical violence but by peaceful means; performing major cleansing ceremonies, prayer and hopes, establishing a memorial for the lost lives, because the Balinese believe that the true and utmost prayer have a magic power to face up to evil. The Balinese doctrine Ruwa Bineda tells that all nature is eternally divided into pairs – high and low, right and left, day and night, strong and weak, healthy and sick, clean and unclean; in general: good and evil, life and death. Each illuminates the other within the scope of creation, and the Balinese ritual strives always to maintain a middle ground – a harmony between two poles. So wherever one goes, be a wise man and beware of any possible dangers and put oneself on guard, because the good and the bad are everywhere in this world.

All the appropriate efforts has been performed by Indonesian Government and the Balinese people and also by the world in order to keep the island peaceful. For the Balinese after performing major ceremonies, it is now time to move ahead and leave the incident behind us. Bali Loves Peace is our motto, peace for everyone, and peace for the world. Many of the visitors have been proved the peace of the island after the incident and leaved Bali with a memorable stay.

So if you plan a vacation do not doubt to put Bali at your top list for your next holiday destination. Bali is still worth a visit after the boom tragedy, because the situation is well in hand now.

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3 lakes in Bedugul, Bali

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There are 3 lakes around Bedugul: Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan. The first lake is Bratan, it’s the famous one because it is located at Bedugul, the famous tourist destinations in Bali. This lake have wide 3,8 km2 and also its deepness is up to 22 meters. In this placevarious water recreation activities can also be conducted here, for example riding the boat motorize to circle the lake, parasailing, canoeing with the traditional boat, banana boating, water skiing, and others. Fishing activities are also available in this places for who one love fishing in the lake. Around this place there is Ulun Danu Berantan Temple. The second lake is Tamblingan. It’s take about 25 minutes toward the northwest from Badugul with it’s Brantan lake. It is on the western end of Lake Buyan. This lake is encircled by hill and covered by fresh cold atmosphere will fascinate all visitors who pay a visit to this place. This lake is ideal for Jungle Trekking Adventure because it was very amazing with the rain forest including flora and fauna observation. This beautiful lakes can be seen from the top hill right from Asah Gobleg Countryside, Sukasada District and Singaraja regency, north part of Bali. The third lake is Buyan. It’s a smallest lake in Bali located just a next door of Tamblingan Lake. It is located in the high land with hill and rain forest surrounds it.

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How To Enjoy Adventures In Bali

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Bali is to everyone not only known for it’s indigenous culture, people, but also known for it’s nature, i.e.: magnificent mountain, alluring sea, beaches, pristine forest, waterfall, hot spring, rice fields, flora, fauna, traditional villages, etc are the great asset that Bali has to offer. It attracts the tourists to come to Bali especially to those who are fond of travelling. They like to go to the places where they can recharge their souls, unwind, release the tension from work, and simply enjoy what life has to offer.

While enjoying the great view, you may thoroughly enjoy the adventures in Bali through joining adventure activities that available in Bali, such as: horse riding, elephant ride, quad & buggy ride, bungy jumping, buggy drive, village trekking, forest & mountain trekking, cycling, hiking, rafting, sea cruise, land cruise, scuba/diving, snorkelling, water sports, land tours, golf, and so on.

Here’s a list of tips for adventure travellers, whether they want adventures that are more inclined to wilderness or just the typical family adventure most people would love to experience:

1. It is best that people should know what the type of travel adventure they are getting into.

Adventure travel may provide the kind of adrenalin rush most adventurers long to experience every time they get out of their territory. It is the feeling of newness and uncertainty on what will happen that gives them the satisfaction and gratification that they need.

However, it is still important for them to know what they are doing. After all, travelling always involve risky activities especially to those who are set to gain adventure experience.

2. Have a fixed set on the adventure travel destination.

Because of the vastness of locations and adventure locations available today, people might get confused on what areas are best for their adventure travel.

One good tip is to choose a location that can baffle those adventurous minds and mystify the eyes with great mystery.

As much as new and exotic places can be adventurous, it is still best to stick to the classical and typical locations. It would be really risky to try areas, which no one has ever dared to go to.

3. Consider the budget.

Adventure travelling can be pretty expensive especially when it entails going to places that entails great adventure packages.

So, it would be better for adventure travellers to shop around first and compare prices before deciding on what kind of adventure travel to take.

Indeed, adventure travel can be one of the most exciting and gratifying travel one can experience. However, with the exotic places, wilderness, and virgin forests that one might consider, it is a must that every travel must know the proper way how to protect themselves and what to do first before trying the place out.

After all I can say that Bali for adventurer is worthy place to visit.

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Tips For Family Holiday In Bali

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Bali is a perfect place for those who are on holiday with children. Bring all your family to explore the island. You all will love the natural surroundings, and it is definitely easy to find a baby sitter or somebody to take care of your kids.

Kids club are available in major hotels. Many hotels offer family room with children discounts policy which is good optional for family term.

Bali villa is also a good alternative for accommodation, which is now becomes holiday trend in Bali. Mostly one villa consists of more than one bedroom that caters for family.

Range of attractions that are friendly for children can be also easily found in Bali.

Children’s attractions in Bali vary from surf, sand and beach activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional Balinese life style experiences; adventure activities such as rafting, cycling, horse ride, dolphin/turtle tour elephant rides; and theme parks such as Bali Bird Park, WaterBom Park, Bali Butterfly Park, etc.

Travelling with the family can be hassle- free and loaded with fun. There is no reason you shouldn’t bring the kids and the entire family with you. Here are a few tips you can use for an easy, stress – free travel.

Plan with the entire family

Get each family member’s opinion on which places to go. Kids love it when they get involved. Make a short list of the places they want to visit and get the majority’s preference. Plan simple yet fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Distribute tasks

Help each other especially when packing. Give each one a responsibility. You can have your kids check on the first- aid kit, your husband to bring all bulky equipments and you take charge preparing the food. This way, your load can be lessened and everyone would feel the importance of each one’s contribution.

Travel light

Since most of the space of your car would be for people, pack only the essential things you need. If possible you can hire strollers for the kids instead of carrying one. Transfer shampoos, mouthwash and the like in small plastic containers instead of bringing the entire thing. Remember that travelling light doesn’t mean travelling incomplete. Carry all important stuff you need to bring.

Secure your house

Since all of your family members are with you on the trip, you can opt to hire a house sitter. If not, have a neighbour look out for the house for you. Unplug all electrical appliances and be sure to secure all door and windows.

Be safe

Always carry with you a medicine kit for emergencies. This should include aspirins, laxative, insect repellant, bandages, ointments and alcohol. More importantly, bring enough prescription drugs if any of the family members is on medication. Bring enough to last for the entire duration of the trip.

Bring in the fun

Take pictures and videos to document your trip. Take turns in using the camera, this way everyone will get a memorable shot taken. You can take the pictures and put them in a nice travel journal when you get home. This way you can enjoy the fun memories as often as you want.

Remember that the entire objective of a family trip is to have fun. Follow the quick tips above and you can head your way to an enjoyable travel in Bali.

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Best Pork in the world: Babi Guling Ibu Oka (Very Highly Recommended)

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The specialty of this warung (hawker stall) is the nasi babi guling (roast suckling pig).This dish is an all-in-one platter of rice with pork meat, fried pork skin, pig intestines, gizzet, and vegetables. This dish is not recommended for people who do not eat pork.

For pork eaters, this is the mother of all pork dishes. The pork meat is nicely marinated and very tender. The fried pork skin is very crispy and delicious. Finger licking good!

This shop is loved by the locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere is very casual, everyone sits on the floor, sharing a long low table while Ibu Oka, the owner of the stall I presume, shaves the tender juicy meat off the pig hanging on the kitchen.

Highly recommended just for the experience of a local food stall, and also for the lovely pork dish! Most of all, the food and drinks combined will only set you back around Rp30000 or less.

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